Mohei Honda

Message from master tea maker, Mohei Honda: The concept of the Tea Change Project comes from the desire to share with people the enjoyment of drinking tea and the positive difference it can make to their lives.
One of the main ways of communicating this message is through the Evening Tea Cocktail (yoi-cha) offering.
Coating tea leaves in liquor may sound simple, but it is another meaningful way of enjoying the taste of tea. Tea production and drinking a variety of teas are parts of Shizuoka’ s long history.
It is our pleasure to offer you our selection of Evening Tea Cocktails (yoi-cha) created with the best tea that Shizuoka has to offer.

Mohei Honda


Mr. Honda is the main organizer of the Tea Change Project and the leader of Shizuoka Top 100 Tea Association. Following family tradition, he is a fifth generation tea farmer in Fuji city in Shizuoka. Apart from growing and making high quality ‘Fuji Oncha’ brand of tea, he is also a tea ceremony master who travels overseas to promote and share the benefits of high quality Japanese tea.

The Open Air Tea TerraceCHA NO MA

Welcome to the tea terrace in the rich tea fields!
The scenery of the tea fields around you is all to you.

  • The Sky Tea Terrace
    The Sky Tea TerraceHoko Tea Farm

    At an altitude of 350m above sea level in the Ryogouchi hills,
    this tea terrace offers visitors stunning views of Mt Fuji and Suruga Bay.
    The view in the sea of clouds in the early morning is magnificent.

  • The Panorama Tea Terrace
    The Panorama Tea TerraceNIHONDAIRA

    Located at the top of the Nihondaira hills,
    this tea terrace offers visitors breathtaking views of Mt Fuji, Suruga Bay and Izu Peninsula.

  • The Gold Leaf Tea Terrace
    The Gold Leaf Tea TerraceKogane Midori Tea Farm

    The only place in the world with gold tea leaves.
    Morokozawa is located in the mountainous area of Shizuoka City.
    Visitors can relax and enjoy the spectacular and unique views of golden tea fields.

  • The Landscape Tea Terrace
    The Landscape Tea TerraceKama-iri-cha Shibamoto

    Feel a sense of release and enjoy the majestic views of this tea farm at Makinohara.
    The large tea plantations in this area make up the single largest tea producing area in Japan.

  • The Mt Fuji Tea Terrace
    The Mt Fuji Tea TerraceFujisan Marumo Tea Farm

    This tea farm is located at the foot of Mt Fuji.
    This special place allows you to forget your daily routine with its magnificent natural landscape and location on this symbolic and special mountain.

  • The Woodlands Tea Terrace
    The Woodlands Tea TerraceMiyama Tea Farm

    These beautiful tea fields are in Sasama, which is a part of Shimada City.
    Enjoy a relaxing time surrounded by the beautiful woodlands’ scenery. Time stands still in this beautiful place!