When tea changes, life changes too.



When tea changes, life changes too.

The Tea Change Project (Cha-ji-hen), gives you the opportunity to explore and savour tea in open air tea terraces overlooking tea fields in different parts of Shizuoka. Newly offered will be; Evening Tea Cocktail (yoi-cha) made with craft liquor, Creative Tea Blending (go-gumi); Allows you to make new flavours by adding herbs and spices to Japanese tea.


While tea and rice are common parts of everyday life, in the future things may be different.

In the case of tea, something needs to be done, now. More and more tea farmers are giving up the craft of making tea because of falling market demand and decreasing prices of tea. The average age of tea farmers is rising. As more and more tea fields are abandoned, the tea that we drink everyday may not be so common in the future. We aim to help more people enjoy tea in their everyday lives and in different places, and pass on the tea making culture and way of life to the generations that come after us. Tea culture needs to change, it needs to be something that is shared and enjoyed with other people. With this idea in mind, the Tea Change Project was born.

While tea and rice are common parts of everyday life, in the future things may be different

One hundred teas for one hundred ways.

This is not about expert knowledge or about judging which one is right. It is about enjoying tea with other people. It is about saying, “This one is also great”, “I like this one too”. Because, there is no such thing as one right way and one right type of tea. A hundred different types of tea will lead you along a hundred different paths. Tea making history goes back 5,000 years. Our goal is to make sure that it continues for a long time to come. As a major tea producing area, Shizuoka has many tea fields and many distinctive teas. By sharing, enjoying and opening up possibilities, we can pass down this culture to future generations.

One hundred teas for one hundred ways

The Open Air Tea TerraceCHA NO MA

Welcome to the tea terrace in the rich tea fields!
The scenery of the tea fields around you is all to you.

  • The Sky Tea Terrace
    The Sky Tea TerraceHoko Tea Farm

    At an altitude of 350m above sea level in the Ryogouchi hills,
    this tea terrace offers visitors stunning views of Mt Fuji and Suruga Bay.
    The view in the sea of clouds in the early morning is magnificent.

  • The Panorama Tea Terrace
    The Panorama Tea TerraceNIHONDAIRA

    Located at the top of the Nihondaira hills,
    this tea terrace offers visitors breathtaking views of Mt Fuji, Suruga Bay and Izu Peninsula.

  • The Gold Leaf Tea Terrace
    The Gold Leaf Tea TerraceKogane Midori Tea Farm

    The only place in the world with gold tea leaves.
    Morokozawa is located in the mountainous area of Shizuoka City.
    Visitors can relax and enjoy the spectacular and unique views of golden tea fields.

  • The Landscape Tea Terrace
    The Landscape Tea TerraceKama-iri-cha Shibamoto

    Feel a sense of release and enjoy the majestic views of this tea farm at Makinohara.
    The large tea plantations in this area make up the single largest tea producing area in Japan.

  • The Mt Fuji Tea Terrace
    The Mt Fuji Tea TerraceFujisan Marumo Tea Farm

    This tea farm is located at the foot of Mt Fuji.
    This special place allows you to forget your daily routine with its magnificent natural landscape and location on this symbolic and special mountain.

  • The Woodlands Tea Terrace
    The Woodlands Tea TerraceMiyama Tea Farm

    These beautiful tea fields are in Sasama, which is a part of Shimada City.
    Enjoy a relaxing time surrounded by the beautiful woodlands’ scenery. Time stands still in this beautiful place!